Bolin Centre for Climate Research

Husstainability has been collaborating with the Bolin Center for Climate Research, at Stockholm University, for a couple of years. The centre's focus is on increasing knowledge about the earth's natural climate system, climate variations, climate impact processes, climate modeling, human impact on the climate and the climate impact on ecosystems, biodiversity and human living conditions, and how society can minimize negative climate impact. The purpose of the collaboration is to increase the understanding between research and business through workshops, lectures, conferences and meetings in, among other things, the Bolin Center's climate arena.

Protect Our Winters

Protect Our Winters (POW) Sweden is the non-profit association arm of an international network that mobilizes skiers and snowboarders in the struggle for a more climate-friendly lifestyle. POW Sweden aids and urges the snow sports community to take responsibility for its climate impact and to influence other parts of society in the right direction. The work revolves around information and debate, knowledge and education, as well as campaigns and activism. POW was founded in 2007 by the world famous snowboard champion Jeremy Jones and now has national offices in the United States, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden. In POW Sweden, Erik Huss was engaged from the start and is a senior adviser. Read more at

Fräulein Design

Fräulein Design is a small design agency that has 20 years of experience in strategic brand building and visual communication. Whether it is a single product, a developed service, or a brand new identity that will permeate the entire company, the goal and driving force is always to establish a value for everyone – on the inside and outside. Fräulein Design has created the new graphic identity of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and has also designed Husstainability's clean and timeless logo. Read more at