Husstainability offers analysis, education, insights, workshops, inspiration and PR counseling on how companies and organizations can readjust to a more responsible business model which makes it profitable to work carefully with nature. Their profit will be a stronger brand, higher confidence in the market and more motivated employees.

"You create real business value first when you minimize the damage to the planet"

Erik Huss
Founder and CEO

Erik Huss has 25 years of experience in science communication, PR, education, research in extreme environments and sustainability science. Erik has a background as a geographer, glaciologist and journalist. He has a broad view of sustainable communication from his experience in leading positions in advertising and marketing within international research on global environmental issues. Erik has been head of media for the Nobel Prizes at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and as an expert in Bonnier's Encyclopedia, Erik has written 450 articles in his area.

Erik has a military leadership training (UGL) and has carried out successful change processes at several of his positions and has driven brand processes that have been nominated for the Swedish Design Awards. As a leader, Erik is driven by the fact that employees working together in a team can reach far beyond what anyone can do alone. The future lies in finding solutions and strengths in people.

During his many years of field work, from desert studies in the Sahara to research expeditions in northern Lapland and Antarctica with focus on glaciology and climate science, Erik has gained insight into how much human society affects the planet. This insight must be quickly introduced into business so that we stay within the limits of what the planet can handle in a responsible manner.

How do we reach a sustainable society?

What is required of us humans to not destroy the planet we live on? How can we conduct successful activities that at the same time take into account nature and climate?

Through insights, research and experiences in nature, one learns to respect the natural systems that are needed to reduce our ecological footprint and to become climate smart – for real. The images below show some of the topics that are included in what Husstainability can offer to your employees and management group. Get inspired and let's talk!

Transformation of the future
Glacial melt
The most important issue within EU?
UN's Sustainable Development Goals
Oups! The planet got destroyed...
Sunset over Half dome, Yosemite
Steep snow climbing above Chamonix
Alpine ski mountaineering!
Glaciological research in Antarctica
Storglaciären, Kebnekaise
Sylarna, Jämtland
Badgastein, Austria
Ladtjovagge, Kebnekaise
Stockholm archipelago